Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Assholes Were Always Assholes: Stop Blaming Mask Mandates | Council Approves Sale of Tailgate Park Setting Up For More Surplus Land Act Violations | Watch The Poop |


Meerkat at San Diego Zoo (Taken 4.19.22)

It has been nice taking longer breaks between posts. It means I've actually been doing stuff, like making the San Diego Zoo a daily weekday habit - on Friday I even did San Diego Zoo and Sea World in the same day! - and also that I'm just not having such constant thrumming of stress and outrage at the news and instead can look more at the overarching newsy things, take time to process, share the critical stuff. 

The weekend was great. Darren had 4 days off, so on Saturday after Nova's derby, she had piano in La Jolla so I got to hang out at La Jolla Cove for about an hour, then we met up with my sister who was camping at Sweetwater with some of her friends, which happened to include a girl married to one of my best high school friends so it was a nice little reunion. Nova stayed to camp with them, while I worked at Soda Bar and Darren worked at the Casbah. Without the kid around, Darren and I spent Easter preparing some food and enjoying some adult bevvies before spending the evening with the family. Could we have had better weather?

So some things I'm watching: obviously I think a Federal judge, rated "not qualified" by the ABA, making a ruling that affects public health is bullshit and am not happy with the removal of mask mandates on public transportation. It is reckless and tells an entire segment of the population that their lives don't matter -- from the same party in the Venn diagram who swore #alllivesmatter. I rode the bus today and was glad masks are still required as the stagnant air on there cannot be good for anyone, pandemic or not. 

And it's true, cases are down in San Diego...but so is testing. Follow the poop. If you look at our wastewater data, as of April 13, the viral load in our wastewater was 2,478,325. We were at 2,382,735 on December 3rd, right before the County shot up with the Omicron variant. And each sublineage detected appears to be in the 'not more deadly, just more transmissible' zone, but just read anecdotally some of the accounts of people catching it and you still really don't want it. 

The last thing I saw was the story about the City Council approving the sale of Tailgate Park to the "real-estate arm" of the Padres. Forget that it already appears to violate the Surplus Land Act for not offering to a development with more low-income housing, but we've seen this before when the City kicked homes and businesses out of East Village with eminent domain, JMI was sold land at pennies on the dollar, developed projects, and then took the money and ran. Any public mitigations like parks and public amenities, like the current fight over who should run bathrooms at Fault Line Park, after it was supposed to be the developer but then they sold and split and left it a huge problem the City is still dealing with, need to be deeded out for a hundred years. And I don't know the details of this specific proposal, but NO new properties should be allowed to be used as short term rentals for I don't know - 20 years? 50 years? It is absolutely absurd that the City systemically allowed the demolition of low-cost SROs in the past 20 years and just keeps approving luxury housing, as if that is any solution to our City's real problems, now or into the next 10, 20, 50 years. Pure insanity. 

Can you tell I'm stalling on doing listings?

Stay safe out there. 

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