Monday, April 04, 2022

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Happy 52nd Anniversary, Mom & Dad! (Taken 12.25.21)

Today is my parents' 52nd anniversary, which is nothing short of a miracle considering how bad my dad was just four months ago. While he's still considered in a hospice/palliative care situation, the support he's gotten from the VA, from a hospital bed with CPAP, a full transfer lift, and in-home nurse and doctor visits, he's still with us and certainly hasn't lost any of his mental faculties. We'll celebrate on Wednesday, when everyone can get together around work, soccer, and lacrosse schedules. 

Today was a big day of change around here. Darren started his job at San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Of course, most of his week will be onboarding and what I guess we'd call 'workplace culture' education, I had the house all to myself all day long. What I didn't know about my anxiety is that it doesn't just exist for me, but I was up all night with nerves for him, so I took full advantage of a quiet Monday by sleeping. I'm not looking forward to this week's Santa Ana, but I'll probably work from the Zoo or tag along with Darren to the Park just to be outside and have some stimulation since I can pretty much tether from anywhere. Which also means I'm going to try to cycle back to normal hours, so I'm off to sleep. 

Stay safe out there. 

Magnolia and Jacaranda in a Rare Quiet Moment (Taken 4.4.22)

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