Wednesday, April 06, 2022

San Diego Scales Back COVID Testing | Southern California Under Heat Advisory | Biden Extends Pause on Student Loan Debt | Center For Hate Report: IG Doesn't Act On 90% Of Misogyny | Gas Prices Drop |


Red Panda at San Diego Zoo (Taken 4.5.22)

I don't know if you happened to turn on your TV to the hearing with oil execs today, but it was a doozy. Seeing these thugs cry about their perceived losses (which only means "we didn't get as rich" in 2020) was absolutely disgusting. And of course the daily reminders of gas prices crawling up was on the news every day, but my gas today was 60 cents cheaper than just two weeks ago, and I don't see any reports thanking Biden while everyone was quick to blame him for the rises. Rockets and Feathers, they call it. I understand the whole market it way more complex than that, but it was nice to see an ease nonetheless. Meanwhile the latest outrage in San Diego is more bike striping -- which takes cars off the roads when people can safely use bikes -- and it is just hilarious to hear people getting their panties in a bunch about having to slow down on roads where they're "used to driving double the speed limit" according to one Point Loma man. 

My day didn't really go according to plan. My up all night, sleep all day plan was foiled by three cats and a dog who just didn't want that to happen, and the incessant rolling in of emails and things to stir my brain. But I did finally get a nap, then spent the afternoon at Nova's lacrosse game, jammed home to get Darren, and we had a big family gathering with Jochi Filipino food to celebrate my parents' anniversary. We haven't all been together like that since Christmas, so it was brief but nice. 

I've been thinking now that Darren is working I have to make better use of my days, so perhaps I'll get on that just as soon as I work off this sleep debt. In today's data, we learn that the County is modifying and scaling back testing, so make note if you need tests. We actually increased in cases week to week, so we're back to "substantial spread" and should all be taking appropriate precautions. Meanwhile, I've been thinking about how easy it was to sneak into hotel pools when Nova was smaller and now there's an app that charges and I wonder if a middle-aged woman can just show up with a laptop and appear to be a hotel guest. If anyone works at a hotel that wouldn't mind me sitting by the pool for a few hours with my laptop, please let me know.   

Stay safe out there. 

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