Monday, April 25, 2022

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Nova and Ficus at Fiesta Island (Taken 4.24.22)

I didn't expect to be more exhausted after the weekend than I was after the week. On Friday, I thought I'd take advantage of Nova being at school and Darren working so after getting my work mostly done, I spent a couple hours at the San Diego Zoo, and then went to Sea World because they were open until 8. But while I was there making kissy face with Mitik the walrus, I got a text reminder about doing merch at Soda Bar. Turns out I was asked about the wrong night, but still rushed home to take the job. It was a pretty easy and short night, but after a night of hip-hop it's hard to just go to bed when you get home.  

On Saturday, after Nova's derby, my sister reached out and took us to Record Store Day at Vinyl Junkies Record Shack for awhile before grabbing some grub, then heading home for a nap, because I'd been last minute hired to sell merch for Haliene at Music Box. Again, it was a pretty easy night but super long -- I was there more than 5 hours -- so on Sunday I was just wiped out, but we had to go help my dad twice...move him in the afternoon and then again before his bedtime. In between, Nova and I took Ficus to Fiesta Island, then dropped her off at home and then went back to the bay for Sea World, not realizing they closed at 7pm, not 8. Nova still got a couple rollercoaster rides in so it was all good. 

With Darren working such long hours in the sun all day, he's been pretty wiped out when he gets home, so we're still getting used to all of this. The good thing is that Nova is turning 15 in less than a week, so she can handle being alone, feeding herself, connecting with friends, or navigating public transit to get to GHYC, and I've been making it regular practice to work in the mornings and get out of the house every afternoon. Things may shift up when her lacrosse season ends, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. 

On Tuesday -- supposing I get adequate sleep -- I'll be tagging along with Darren to Safari Park again. This time I know where I can work (Zuest Woolshed or Sambutan Longhouse), where I can chill out and rest while charging my phone (Rest & Relax Tent by the Watering Hole) and that the 2nd to last tram is actually the best one of the day. If not, I guess I can always take the office setup back to the Zoo. 

Stay safe out there. 

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