Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SoCo underCOVER presents Ghostland Observatory

My web spy sent me a link that I thought I'd share.

As you know, San Diego was host to the Southern Comfort Music Experience (SCMX) for the past couple years, and each year brought amazing talent to San Diego, and it was all free. Naturally events are scaling back, promotional and marketing dollars have to be used a bit more sparingly, so this year, instead of a huge street event, Southern Comfort brings you underCOVER, a free* show at Birch North Park Theatre on August 20 featuring Ghostland Observatory.

For information, click here. After you enter your birthdate, go to the Music & Events menu and select underCOVER.

*There is a $5 donation to North Park Main Street at the door the night of the show

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