Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic-Con Preview Night

Yesterday I braved the madness that is Comic-Con. This year's passes sold out months ago and even so knowing, you never really realize what kind of crowd to expect. I had planned on going downtown early, but I was actually pleased in arriving at 4 with plenty of time before the preview doors opened. The line for pre-registered professionals and media was long but the bonus about geek culture is that they're REALLY efficient and in about 15 minutes I had my badge. Then I wondered, what do I do now??

Naturally I found a spot on the floor and opened up my laptop to take advantage of the Google sponsored free wi-fi. That was fine until the Elite security started clearing the floor area, so I moved upstairs to wait in line with Jim. He told me there were three main lines and we were at the front of one of them. I still don't understand the lines to be honest, but I guess there are certain booths with exclusive collectibles and giveaways.

People were in such a frenzy, it was hard not to get caught up in it. I'd see a line or a mass of people and 3 minutes later I'm the owner of a District 9 t-shirt or a Twilight bottle opener. Or a ginormous Harry Potter bag. I even stopped at a booth and got my picture taken to look like I was caught on fire. I imagine the reusable grocery sized bag from is gonna get some looks next time I'm at Trader Joes.

But then what? I'm not in the market for Star Wars figurines, I haven't played a video game since Super Mario Bros., there aren't really any shows that I'm obsessed with that would make me fight people to grab some memorabilia, and I've probably watched 5 movies this entire year and none of those is of the action/summer blockbuster/must-see variety. Something compelling still makes me excited to be there.

Maybe the Ugly Dolls?

Or American mockery?

I dunno, but whatever it is, I'm heading back for more.

Incidentally, I only lasted 2 hours before heading to the tweet-up at Voyeur which was fun but probably only about 20% of the 500+ who signed up to attend actually showed up. It was good chatting with a few friends before Jake and I took off to catch Ryan Bingham at Casbah. I'll be posting some Youtube from that later; hopefully tonight.

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