Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Styletones, Bar Pink, 7.20.2009

It's no secret that Jake Najor is one of my closest friends, and if you know me in real life, you'll often see me out with him. We met when he was playing in Blackout Party but you've likely seen him around town drumming with plenty of different bands and musicians like Breakestra, The Tighten-Ups, or going on tour with the likes of Big Daddy Kane or any host of other performers.

So needless to say, I get no mercy for the fact that before tonight, I had yet to see The Styletones live. Sometimes that happens as a blogger, though...what if I don't like my friend's band? Then what am I to say or do?

Fortunately, I FINALLY got to see the band play (after even more pressure drilled in at an after party with half the band on Friday night)and no doubt they are superb. Their funky soul had people dancing and grooving, and nobody was judging the rhythmically challenged, everyone was just there to enjoy the music and have a good time. The 8 piece band features Ben Moore on Hammond B3 Organ, Bill Thomas on bass, Deron Gant on Guitar, Gabriel Sundy on sax, Andy Geib on trombone, Freddie Gonzalez on trumpet, and Jake Najor on Drums, all fronted by Mr. Steve Harris.

The Styletones have a Monday night residency at Bar Pink and if you're looking to shake your ass or just have a hard soul soundtrack to your demise as you suck down some Sneaky Tikis then you are required to check them out.


Nathaniel said...

Rosemary, thanks for the post (I know it wasn't just for me, but thank you still!)

TheNaj rocks it on drums. I wish we had been able to gig together that one time at Riley's. I'm sure it would have changed my life. :D

Go StyleTones!

Auckland (formerly of North Park)

cyrus ghahremani said...

no kidding! i didn't know about the bar pink residency. i'll be there next time ... as a ben moore groupie.