Friday, July 10, 2009

Sub-Pop Signs Dum Dum Girls

I'm a little hurt that I didn't get any direct word about Grand Ole Party's are-they-breaking-up-or-staying-together-or-changing-lineup news but I suppose when you have a full record to be released in the fall, there are certain contractual obligations to quell rumors even if they're true. Or not true. Or whatever. I get it.

I also get why there might be a conflict of interest were a new project (or two) to pop up, so I understand why, if such a project existed, the hypothetical project would exist online as a mystery and claim to be from a generic city. And even if the hypothetical project got signed to SubPop, you probably wouldn't want bloggers and media to know about it. And definitely no photos. It's cool. I won't spill the beans.

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