Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic-Con Photos, Part 2

So here are the bulk of my remaining photos from Comic-Con 2009. I had such a great week and met so many cool people, I can hardly believe it's already over. I definitely look forward to 2010.

One of the coolest things I saw that I actually thought "I want that", was Mind Flex. The game uses concentration to raise and lower a ball as you work it through an obstacle course. You can check it out here. I think it will be available in October.

I was able to get out on the media patio and catch some photos of the leads from District 9, Peter Jackson's new film. He was back there, too, but he was being interviewed and took a long time moving down the line. The media patio was cool- while back there I saw Tyrese and a few other celebrities, but I didn't have any luck getting back there on Saturday. I did bump into Jimmy Fallon (literally. He was fast walking opposite me and I grabbed his arm as our paths crossed.

One of my favorite parts of Con were the True Blood Happy Hours held at Prohibition and Bondi. They also had a couple at Rock Bottom, but I didn't make it there, but "Eric" was rumored to have made an appearance. These are from Friday when I met Erik and Petro at The Field and thanks to Vince at Prohibition, got back into the happy hour with ease. I wasn't really big on most Con swag, but I definitely was into the True Blood stuff...pint glasses, Fang Banger American Apparel v-necks, and then on the last day TruBlood drink...which I'll get to in a sec.

On Thursday I sat with a couple strangers who were press and we all chatted for a bit. (They were the ones who told me about the media patio) Eventually they left and I invited some people to join me. This is how I ended up meeting Jared who was in town from Seattle, and the next day his friends Joe and Caleb, also from Washington, and they ended up being my Con buddies. After we hung out again on Friday at True Blood, they took me to a Totally Rad Show meet up at Tivoli. We bumped into the hosts, and despite the line, they walked us in and we hung out there for a while.

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I met a guy who had OCD and freaked about how close I set my beer to the edge of the panel. We joked that we should be engaged and he gave me his ring and he showed me his Dungeons and Dragons die.

So my five minute fiance. From Tivoli we went to Phi, a rooftop patio bar at the new Hotel Indigo. It was nice and quiet and away from the chaos.

I went back downtown on Saturday and didn't catch much of Con. I kinda felt I was wandering in circles before I went off to eat, then attempt the True Blood party at Bondi. The boys were there again. I wasn't gonna wait in line, but ran into some friends and it ended up being about 20 minutes before we got in and I was a total swag whore. In addition to giving everyone a bottle of TruBlood, there were TruBlood and Skyy drinks with take home pint glasses, more Fang Banger shirts, bags, books, journals and more.

As the party winded down, I walked to Chee-Chee, met up with Jake, and we went to Soda Bar to see a band that ended up not playing, so we caught Swim Party at Beauty Bar, then wandered back to Soda Bar where the Seattle boys met up with us one final time.

That was the end of Con for me, as Sunday was spent at Kate Sessions park for my niece's second birthday party. And then I slept. But not enough. I might go back to sleep now. Thanks to everyone who had a part in making last week an amazing one!


Dru Ilhares said...

[comicgeek] But why did you get a Black Lantern ring? [/comicgeek]

Looks like it was one hell of an event.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

That was my "engagement" ring :)