Friday, July 17, 2009

San Diego Gots Stuffs

I recently got an e-mail from a guy in England who wants to move to San Diego next summer because he heard our music scene is where it's at, and he was looking for advice on breaking into the scene as a promoter or with a job at a club, booking, scouting, anything to be part of it.

That's the funny thing about media buzz, isn't it? What is 'out there' may or may not reflect what is really going on here. I've tried pretty hard to promote the thing I love most about this town because I know we do have an amazing music scene and community. There are a lot of other people who work hard to convert the masses, some successfully and others, not so much. It may not be all kumbaya- there's certainly competition- and bands have entirely different goals and strategies to achieve those goals, but when it comes down to it, the success of one band usually benefits the music scene as a whole. To me, it would be nice if it came together a bit more...if North Park Music Thing and Awesome Fast could coexist in harmony instead of one being the angry response to the other, but that's just the nature of the game, I guess. I'm just happy to be part of all of it.

There's not really any real point to all of this except that I chatted with CatDirt yesterday. It is because of him that this site exists, so it was nice kinda catching up and recounting how things have changed in the last few years with so many new venues (is Airport gonna be the next new music venue in town??), promoters, bloggers, and bands that have come and gone. Always an interesting conversation. Anyhow, he pointed me toward Vice Magazine that featured Beaters, who are playing a free show tonight at Whistle Stop. I miss talking to him about music because the guy knows everything. It's nice touching base with someone with his ear to the ground.

Incidentally, afterward I hung out with Miggs at Taang! records. I swear if you ever, hypothetically, need to find "that one band with that one guy that was in that other band before he died of a heroin overdose after their critically acclaimed punk album was released", Miggs has it or knows where to get it. There are a lot of people in town like that...Bart Mendoza, Larry Munroe, Tim Pyles, Daye Salani...every conversation is educational to say the least. San Diego may or may not live up to the hype, but I love this town either way.

p.s. I know the listings are getting a little ridiculous (there's SO MUCH STUFF), but hopefully we'll be moving the site soon and can remedy the situation.


doneybolognie said...

Amesome Fest is not an angry response to anything. This is its 3rd year - first in san diego. Things like Awesome Fest are needed because you have a so called "music thing" in our own neighborhood that doesnt recognize people or a scene that made that area able to have bands in the first place.

catdirt said...

wow. welcome to san diego awesome fest.

doneybolognie said...

welcome to being a douche catdirt.