Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beauty Bar 07.11.09

Man what a night! I was finally able to get out and catch a show again. Its been hell dealing with my new side business lately, and time has been vanishing around me. Sure you could just say I’m lazy, but anyone who works for themselves will understand. I’m starting to think that getting into the importing/exporting racket was a bad idea. And what’s more, I’m getting the feeling that dealing in exotic birds and latex was a bad choice.

Anyhoo, the line up for the night was one that I was pretty excited about, HFI CLSI, Boyscout, and Hostile Combover. Now HFI CLSI I had never heard of, and frankly after being coached like five times, I still can’t correctly pronounce, but Hostile Combover is a favorite, and I was extremely eager to see Boyscout. Keep on reading to see how it went!

HFL CLSI really impressed me! Now they weren’t perfect, a bit rough around the edges, but they have so much potential. Given some more live shows, they just might be incredible. Some of there stuff gave me a bit of a Fugazi vibe, and don’t be stupid, I’m not saying they were like Fugazi, I just got that vibe from them. Definitely will check them out again!

Boyscout was INCREDIBLE! Yeah I used caps, so what bitches, they deserve it! Kinda just extremely good heavy rock, made me smile the whole way through. Sabbath like? yeah a bit, more interesting though. Two drums two guitars. What may or may not have started as a lark just might become the super group San Diego can’t live with out. Am I exaggerating a bit, will you die if you don’t go see them, or if they were to stop playing shows, maybe, I don’t know, but I will tell you that if you don’t catch these guys you’re missing something very special. Jason (Transfer) and Lain (Marisol) killed it on Guitars! Absolutely f’in killed it!!! They played off each other so well it was criminal. Justin (Hialeah, Japanese Sunday) did what he always does on drums, left blood on the floor. Really one of the best drummers in S.D. And that other drummer didn’t do so bad either. But who was that guy anyways, and why did he smell like a guitarist? Turns out it was Mario (Hialeah), our fearless and beloved Black Box Studio’s OP, and who knew he could play drums! Sure I know he’s good looking, and sure I know he’s an incredible guitar player, but now drums too! Forget it guys, lock up your wives, we can’t compete.

Hostile Combover, man what can I say that hasn’t been said before. These guys are the real deal, one of my favorites! They have one show left at the Radio Room on August 11th, and really, if you haven’t seen them, go. These guys are hard and razor sharp, and live they absolutely kill it! I’ve seen them compared to Helmet, but I think they are more soulful. They really find a nice space and relax in it, all the while keeping the needle in the red and the music tight. I’d also like to add that Ben’s is another one of my favorite drummers around town, and coupling that with the fact that John is not to shabby a drummer himself (in the pretty amazing band Focus Group), there was some real drumming talent on the stage that night. Made me kinda smile :0)

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