Friday, July 17, 2009

More reason to watch True Blood this Sunday...

I'm a huge fan of HBO's series True Blood. Seth Combs says it's poorly written and full of bad acting, but I really don't give a shit. I am addicted and I'm okay with that.

That said, it pleases me to no end to share this e-mail from Irwin (Irwin's Conspiracy) with you:

As promised-- things are getting crazy. I realize it's been a while since
I've updated, and actually this email is not to promote an upcoming gig but I
will be drumming a group of people into a sex crazed orgy as a vampire on HBO's
show True Blood this Sunday, and in some minor capacity, acting as a drumming
vampire throughout the season. Really it's nothing major and difficult for
me to pretend I'm some kind of actor (to pretend I'm a pretender would be too
great an oxymoron) but the experience of being part of a hit TV show has been

Have you ever seen him play? We met when he opened for RJD2 a couple years back and it is sick as hell to watch him. He's Venice based now but still comes home from time to time. Check out his other stuff here, or follow him on twitter @IrwinMusic.

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