Monday, December 13, 2010

Know The Transfer Team


Atlantic City - Our faithful friend and stage technician, Platinum Tom gets escorted from the stage of the dance floor at the Showboat Casino. "DJ needs room!", they say. It appeared that his milkshake brought all the security to the yard as there was evidently no more space for the Double Barrel Platinum Chicken Strut. This was post gambling all per diems at the craps table…some winning, some losing, all falling victim to the free jack and coke. Ah, Casinos…they really have the science.

Meet Platinum


Philadelphia, PA

Before our show at The Electric Factory, with time to kill, we decided to head out on a search for the city's quintessential cheese steak. After parking, we ran across this mural by Shepard Fairey.
A reminder of home was cool to see in a random neighborhood in Philly.
On to Geno's. There was a line and we were told it was worth it, so we waited it out. I could sense the urgency of getting your shit together before you got to the window by the orders taken from the customers in front of me. , (side note - the window had stickers all over it that read things like, "I'M MAD AS HELL AND I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!" and "THIS IS AMERICA. When ordering, SPEAK ENGLISH!!!" They also served FREEDOM FRIES). "You're next, GO!" "I'll take a Philly cheese steak, please."…"GIMME A WHIZZ WHIZZ WITH ONION! NEXT!!" I was fortunately able to sort my order in a speedy fashion. Rosey, on the other hand was not so lucky. He got yelled at twice and stood like a deer in the headlights. Philly patience has about as long of a shelf life as a fart in the wind. I think someone actually stepped in and ordered for Rosey as he stood there. Amazing.

The cheese steak was just OK but the hot sauce was extremelyfuckinghot and nearly burned my esophagus to a shredded ribbon. We'll hit Pat's next time.

The show at the Electric Factory was a good one and very well received. Great venue and guess what food was served after…yep.
Andy ate three that day. AMERICUH, FURCK YEAHRRR!!!

Queen Bee of Photography
This U.S. run provided so many incredible moments. We were lucky enough to be joined by amazing photographer and friend, Tessa Angus and will be posting some of her work with us in the coming weeks.
Here are a few that she captured.

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