Friday, December 31, 2010

R.I.P. Stimy

The local music community is closing out 2010 with some sad news. Michael Steinman, who everybody knew as Stimy, has passed away. The singer of seminal San Diego bands Inch, Sub-Society, and Congress of The Cow was a legend around town but had been living in Colorado for several years. In October, he returned to San Diego for the Livewire Anniversary party and from what I'm told, blew everyone away in a way only he could. Details of his death have not been released but word spread like wildfire across Facebook and friends and family are reeling at the shocking news.

I didn't know Stimy personally, but as someone who followed the local music scene from a very young age, I had the opportunity to see Sub-Society and Inch numerous times and loved that they were open to playing all ages shows back then. The impact that this bands had on San Diego's music development are still felt today. If more details and information on services become available, I will post them here.

Stimy at Live Wire 10910 © Michael Klayman-002

For a full catalog of free Sub-Society downloads, check out this site.
See more photos at and see his post about the October show here.


Michael Klayman said...

I'm shocked by this, very sad. Here's a direct link to my blog post on his Live Wire show a couple months ago:

I loved Inch as high schooler in Cleveland, their first album was the soundtrack to my last summer before college.

Bryan Gyselbrecht said...

It is extremely sad to hear that Stimy has passed away, I have known Stimy since we attended a little private school on Mt. Soledad called the La Jolla School in 1985/86 One day, already some time into the school year, this cool kid shows up decked out in black, with black and red zebra creepers, I mean he was far ahead of anyone in the cool dept. The other kids tried to pick on him or make fun of him, but this didn't bother him in the slightest. We instantly became friends. At the time I was listening to the Germs in my Sony casette walkman and Stimy, Chris Nefke, Mike Donahoe, and some other 7-9th grade punkers would hang out at lunch eating peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches and talking about music... Then Stimy moved on to UC high, where he would form sub society and later inch, and congress of the cow. We would remain friends evan after I moved off to college in Humboldt. I would see him at the bars or at shows. I'll never forget the wacky shenanigans he would instill, like jumping on stage at the meices Casbah show and doing a freestyle swim dance. He was an amazing person, and I always was inspired by his sheer talent, humor, and witt. He was genuinely a kind soul. I will miss him. Rest in Peace Stimy, you are in our hearts forever... Sincerely, Bryan Gyselbrecht

T Dalton said...

Sub Society was one of the first local bands that I went to see at Triton Pub on UCSD campus in 1990. Then later when I was 21 and up I would see Inch at the Casbah. Those were some great times. He will be missed.

T Dalton said...

In 1990, I had just graduated high school and during that summer my friends and I would go see local bands at the Triton Pub. Sub-Society was one of the ones that stood out the most. Later on I would go to the Casbah and other places to see Inch. Those were some good times. Stimy will be greatly missed. It's great that we still have his music.

David McHank said...

I'm so glad I took that video.... It was pre-youtube age and there weren't a million of us out there with cameras.
I have the rest of the show somewhere, I'll post it when I'm able.

Unknown said...

A memorial service event page has been set up on facebook. Search for the 'Michael "Stimy" Steinman Memorial for the latest on when his celebration(s) of life will be held.