Monday, December 13, 2010

Video: The Gay Blades

I didn't know anything about The Gay Blades before I saw them play at the Casbah last week, but when they had tweeted that they wrote a song about the Casbah, I loved it and I had to check them out. I was feeling quite festive as I'd started my evening with a holiday party at Sole Luna where I got to catch up with old friends, then to the CityBeat Party at 57 Degrees which was a bit more intense because of the size of the crowd. I got to the Casbah in time for Grand Tarantula who were awesome. (check out their video later today)

Here the Gay Blades' song that lured me in, written and recorded in their tour van.

The Gay Blades are from NYC and had some serious swagger onstage and though there wasn't a huge crowd, they definitely made some fans (again, minus the dbags you can hear on one of the video clips below). Click the right and left arrows to see the playlist.

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