Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Very SD:Dialed In Christmas

I know there are a lot of holiday orphans out there. Maybe your family lives elsewhere, maybe your family is crazy (who's isn't?), maybe you don't have family to go home to...My family is spending a few days at Harrah's Rincon Casino but since I can't abandon my work or my dog, I won't be back with them until Christmas. Last week, when Jesse LaMonaca played West Coast Tavern, I was blown away by his talent and I asked if he wanted to play again this week and when he said playing would be better than being alone for the holidays, it got me thinking about how many people experience the same sentiment during the holidays.

That said, let's celebrate the warm fuzzies of the holiday and forget the stressful, crazy, and sometimes lonely season. Thursday night, join me at West Coast Tavern for some good times, good food, good friends and strong drinks as Josh Damigo and Jesse LaMonaca play some tunes. It's free, starts at 10, and is the best way I know to kick of the holiday weekend. I'll bring the mistletoe.

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