Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fitz & The Tantrums- M-Theory Instore, 12.17.2010

I've been doing my best to refrain from talking about the rain because smalltalk about the weather makes me wanna poke my eye with a fork, but this has been a pretty extreme storm. A little rain is one thing and naturally everyone else is a shitty driver, but this really is a big deal...anytime the conditions surpass what our infrastructure can handle is when you see homes flooded, cars swept into creeks that normally don't exist, and massive sinkholes, and nevermind our refusal to house the homeless or provide adequate shelters. Just like anyone, when it rains I just wanna stay home in my pajamas, but then I'd miss out on the good stuff, like on Friday afternoon when I went to see Fitz & The Tantrums live at M-Theory. They brought the whole band, which I guess makes sense because they can't really break down their music acoustically, but I was surprised nonetheless. We had circled the blocks at least 5 times before finding parking 3 blocks away, so we walked in late and I immediately got to recording. Here's what you missed.

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