Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time To Submit Demos For CityBeat's Great Demo Review

Peter Holslin at CityBeat asked me to mention the 2011 Great Demo Review. Instead of rewording, here's the info:

Attention musicians: CityBeat’s Great Demo Review, our annual critique of local music, is set to hit the streets on March 2, 2011—that’s right around the corner. Got a demo you’ve been passing around? A new album you’ve been hyping? A bedroom project nobody knows about?

Send us a recording and we’ll review it. We accept CDs, DVDs and LPs. Please include your project’s name, an e-mail address or phone number and your website, Bandcamp or MySpace page. You can mail submissions to CityBeat Demo Review, 3047 University Ave., Suite 202, San Diego, CA, 92104. The submission deadline is Jan. 31, 2010. Good luck!
Note, there are no digital submissions, so burn some CDs (best to provide three copies of whatever you send), and make sure to label everything with your band/project name, your website/facebook/myspace/bandcamp url, and a contact email and phone number directly on the disc as well as the packaging. This is standard for any submission to any site, but this should be especially prominent here. Band bios and press kits can also be included, and keep in mind these submissions might also be helpful when it comes time for SDMA nominations. Also keep in mind, while it's called the "Demo Review", full pressed vinyl, CDs and DVDs are welcome.

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