Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coachella 2011 Playlists by NightTimeVIP

Things are moving at lightning speed around here these days as I hustle to never have to work in an office again, so I have lots of exciting things in the pipeline. One of those things is a little bit of cross promotion with my friends over at NightTimeVIP. How they worked their magic so quickly, I have no idea except they must have 40 unemployed Christmas elves working as interns, but they've created 3 mixtapes featuring every artist playing at Coachella 2011. They are embedded by day below, but make sure you check out their site as more news and information rolls out.

Paste Magazine also published a great preliminary guide to Coachella, which you can read here. Though the mag is no longer in print, they're still doing great things over there and you should support their efforts for being a reliable and snark-free music resource by subscribing to their Paste Lifeline newsletter.

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