Monday, January 03, 2011

R.I.P. Stimy, Part II

I hope that everyone got to hear The Local Pyle on FM 94/9 on Sunday because it was a stellar and loving tribute to Stimy and it was made clear just how deep his contributions as a musician and as a person were felt throughout the San Diego music community and beyond. He will truly be missed. There are memorials and services in the works, but in the meantime, I wanted to share some things.

First, Eric Howarth has posted the entire Congress of the Cow record online. This download will only be available for a few more days, so make sure you grab it for free while you can.

As a tribute to Stimy, I put together this zip file that includes the entire Congress of the Cow album that we put out on M-Theory Records the label back in 2002. I included a doc with lyrics, a couple press photos, the album cover, and even a dinky little camera shot of an old Inch poster at the Casbah with No Knife that I found. Spent a little time going through some old files to see what I had.

Congress of the Cow featured Stimy, Ray, John, and Francis. John sang vocals/wrote lyrics on 2 of the tracks (Motor Mouth and New Juan)

I encourage you to read the lyric sheet as Stimy always wrote songs from the heart about personal things...never contrived. You knew what he was going through by listening to the lyrics.

Please share with your friends who would appreciate. The file will be available to download for a week from now.

Here's to a much better 2011 and thanks Stimy, Ray, John, and Francis for creating a great record with Mr. Gar Wood at "The Box". R.I.P.

Here's a Lakeside Orchestra video that Heather Johnson posted.

And, in case you missed my post last week, you can grab a full catalog of free Sub-Society downloads, on this site.

Also, Jason Bang posted a ton of old archival videos from the San Diego scene circa '93/'94 on YouTube. You can check out a ton of videos here. If you wanna get straight to the Inch video, click here.


T Dalton said...

That was a great show. Thanks 94.9 and to those that contributted

Unknown said...

I made that video for him about 2 months before he passed away. He loved it.