Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Tree Ring release video for "Wore It Deep"

I've long been a supporter of Joel P West not only because we share a birthday (though I'm YEARS older), but because everything he does is approached with a complete project and plan in motion. He doesn't record willy-nilly, he takes his band to Idyllwyld to hide out and create. He doesn't just have a show, he creates an environment. He doesn't do all of this alone, of course, but even from his early records, like the Dust Jacket Project, which offered a free download if you submitted some form of creative art, he is much more than just a musician, even deciding to drop his own name for the complete package of his full band, The Tree Ring. The band released a music video this week and it's absolutely beautiful (though I've found it slow to patient).

Wore It Deep (The Tree Ring) from Destin Cretton on Vimeo.

The Tree Ring will have their official record release party on February 12th at the San Diego Woman's Club. Tickets can be purchased here. The show is an all ages seated show. Tickets are $12, or $20 which includes a copy of the vinyl.

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