Thursday, January 27, 2011

All In A Day's Work

What an incredible day I had. It started with our weekly Casbah meeting, so I have a whole bunch of shows to update this week. Be sure to check the site for the "recently added" shows in the pulldown menu. I'll try to update by Friday.

What you should know, however, is that the Lucero show on February 20 is about 50 tickets shy of sellout, so don't wait to buy tickets. They always sell the place out, and with Blackout Party and Low Volts on the bill, it's gonna be a helluva time. You might wanna take a personal day on the 21st if you don't already get it off for Presidents' Day.

From the Casbah, Mr. Pyles and I headed to OB and had lunch with Tom from Dynamite Walls at South Coast. Turns out I'm probably heading to SXSW with the band for my first time ever, so expect lots of blogging from the road. If you wanna help sponsor my trip, click here to donate any amount. Shameless, I know, but you know how you always tell me "Hey, Rosey...I wanna buy you a drink"? Well, this is way better for my liver. I will tweet, facebook, and blog nice things about you. I promise.

From South Coast, we walked over to Hodad's, where Cage the Elephant was playing a free acoustic show. Initially we were going to try and maneuver our way in, with the owner even telling us we could get in through the back door, but it ended up being more fun hanging out with people and listening from outside. We were joined by Jesse LaMonaca, and after our trip to NAMM, I guess now's as good a time as any to mention that I will be managing Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels. We have some exciting stuff down the pipeline and you better believe I will be gushing about it all here as I do with all of the things that I love, whether its my family, my friends, or fantastic new music. (Not to worry, Ladies. This is purely professional and Jesse is still on the market, just to be clear.) Jesse's site is being rebuilt at the moment, but you can check it out in its current form here. I'll share all of his bookings as we go along, but you can come see him tonight at West Coast Tavern, and plan on seeing him open for Rocky Votolato on February 24. We'll announce more when we can.

At Hodad's, we ran into Omar, who took us on a crazy adventure through OB and took us to the top of a hill to some lookout point. The dude is seriously one of the funniest people I've ever met, and though it was just a 30 minute or so detour, it was hilarious.

We headed back to the pier to catch that lovely sunset above and went our separate ways. The night didn't end, however, and Tommy picked me up on his motorcycle and we went to a really fun show at the House of Blues with The Get Up Kids, Steel Train, and River City Extension (not to be confused with locals River City) who totally blew me away. I'll post those pictures in a separate post as well as posting them on later this week or next.

So yeah. I might be broke as a joke and I might be tethered to the internet 22 hours a day, but sometimes things are just really, really good. I'm excited about what the year holds and as always, I'll be here sharing it with all of you.

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