Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Friday Night: Dylan Leblanc at the Casbah

I know the headliner for the Casbah's early show on Friday is Rich Robinson, brother of Chris and a founding member of The Black Crowes. That's great. Black Crowes were a radio staple growing up and it's great that he's coming. I think his music is more my speed than his brother and I'm looking forward to seeing him. You can grab a download here (or just click the arrow to hear the song).

That said, I have to say since I first heard about this show, I've been so excited to see opener Dylan Leblanc. For a brief period of my site, I started getting boxes of promo CDs from Atlantic. Like ever month or two, I'd get a box with 10, 15, 20 new titles. I made a personal vow that since I don't review albums, that I would at least listen to every single one and judge on it's own musical merits, that way when the bands would tour or come to town, I'd know what people could expect. Mostly though, the music was top 40, metal, or country, and there were very few albums- maybe 10%- that I got that I kept listening to after the first listen. Dylan Leblanc's record came to me last year, maybe August, and was just the case and the CD without any album art. I put the CD into my stereo and was immediately taken back. The Lousiana native was born in 1990. Um, yeah, do the math. The kid has a style and sound beyond his years, a ghostly quality to his voice that most people have to smoke and drink for years to achieve. Of course I found his site and looked up tourdates and if I remember correctly, his U.S. tour only went as far west as Colorado then he hit Europe pretty extensively (he is, after all, on Rough Trade). Anyway, this is an EARLY SHOW at the Casbah on Friday. Doors are at 6:30, Dylan could be on as early as 7 or 7:30. Check out the playlist I assembled from videos on the web, then get your ass to the show.

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