Wednesday, November 16, 2011

America's Cup Racing Series Kicks Off In San Diego

I'm at the America's Cup Village at the moment. I scored press credentials which means that I might hang out here during the week for a change of scenery while I take advantage of their wi-fi and learn a thing or two about racing. sailing. catamaraning. I dunno...maybe I'll pick up the lingo while I'm here. I'm also going to strategically sat by some Spanish media guys. I love hearing castellano.

I ran into Halloran and met the stage managers and they told me the listings had been updated but it appears that the site still has the vague spaceholders for the Battle of the Bands slots. They told me that Abandon The Raft, Illuminauts, Black Hondo, and one more qualified- the name escapes me now-but they didn't tell me what order they qualified. I heard Jamuel Saxon is playing on Friday, too, but I don't know what time. So yeah, I'm not very useful right now but thought I'd update what I know since I'm here now. I changed the link to the banner ad at the top of my site, so you should be able to get those updates when the ladies post from the office.

Wednesday, November 16 - Agua Dulce (4:15)
Thursday, November 17 - The Silent Comedy (8:15) , Little Hurricane (7pm), The Donkeys (5:15)
Friday, November 18 - Chromeo DJ Set (8:30), K.Flay (7:45), The Soft Pack (6:30), Earth Amplified (4:15)
Saturday, November 19 - Diplo (8:15), Hyena (7pm), The Chain Gang of 1974 (5:45)
Sunday, November 20- The Cataracs (5pm)

Obviously there is going to be massive press coverage (this media room is MASSIVE), but here are some quick photos I shot. More photos after the jump.

Agua Dulce soundcheck

The trophy 

Interactive Area - all plastic recovered from the ocean

A Water Bottle jellyfish

The stage for the concerts is the narrow width of Harbor Drive

How many of these do you think will blow into the bay?

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