Tuesday, November 01, 2011

San Diego: Dialed In Five Year Anniversary: Friday, Nov 4 at The Griffin

Today I sent out my very first email newsletter...I know, took me long enough, right? But I guess I just really thought everyone already hears enough from me on my site or from Twitter and Facebook, but it's just another way to reach you, so if you want to sign up for my newsletter (which eventually will have exclusive contests and such), feel free to sign up over in the sidebar of my site.

Just in case you haven't been hit by me from every angle, this Friday is the Five Year Anniversary Party of this site. It's gonna be at The Griffin (can I stop saying "formerly O'Connell's" yet?) at 9pm and some of my dear friends are playing. The night will kick off with Tim Pyles DJing (and between bands throughout the night). Josh Damigo will kick off the live music with an acoustic set, then Old Tiger will take the stage with their sexy, soulful grooves, and we'll close out with the frenetic energy of my Fresno friends, Fierce Creatures. I'm counting on it being a super fun night and I hope to see you all out there to make it so.

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