Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Night: Barcelona at The Griffin

credit: Kelly Stonelake
Last summer, Sunset Sessions added a second session that focused on the "Active Rock" format instead of the strong AAA (adult album alternative) format they've focused on at the spring sessions. There were a few bands out of place who certainly would've done better in the spring session, but in my opinion we were given a special treat. Early one morning, those of us who got up early enough were invited to a "Bed-In", where three acts performed in a hotel room completely unplugged, while literally sitting on the bed. One of those bands was Barcelona and as far as I can remember, the band hasn't had a proper show in San Diego in a long time (if ever?) so tonight's show at the Griffin should not be missed. Check out the playlist of the three songs Barcelona performed at the Bed-In.

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