Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tennis & Vacationer @ The Casbah, 5.3.2012

Last Thursday night Vacationer and Tennis hit The Casbah. To be honest before Thursday I had never heard of either of these bands, but a friend called me up that afternoon and asked if I wanted to go and I never say no to live music.

Vacationer took the stage first and were very well received. They were given a long enough set to play their entire album which was nice to get a good idea of what they were all about. The entire time they were on stage I couldn’t help but compare their sound to Vampire Weekend. Vacationer will be back at The Casbah in October and I recommend you check them out.

Tennis was the headliner for the night and I’m happy to say I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed them. I am always impressed when I see a band that I don’t know any of their songs and they can make me feel like I have been listening to them for years. Tennis did just that. Their music felt very familiar and comfortable to me. This is definitely a band I can see filling up much larger venues in the near future. Next time Tennis is in San Diego get your tickets early, I know I will.

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Jennifer Newell said...

Tennis is awesome! Glad you enjoyed them. I missed them this time but saw them last time around.