Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Rocky Votolato & Kevin Long @ The Casbah, 5.7.2012

Aside from the people talking at the show (which I've already addressed), Rocky Votolato played an amazing show once again at the Casbah. Kevin Long of Spokane opened the show and was pretty stellar, too. Rocky bummed me out at the end of the show when he said he'll probably give up touring next year because he's just not making enough to sustain the lifestyle, but for rabid fans like me, all we can continue to do is spread the word. Despite having a digital copy of his latest, Television of Saints, I grabbed a vinyl copy and picked up Kevin Long's CD, too.

Anyway, this is most of Rocky's set. I stopped for a couple songs to grab drinks, so I think I missed Tinfoil Hats and another song that I don't remember but I wanted to sing along without capturing my own voice on the camera. This playlist of videos has 16 videos.

And here are three songs (that I have yet to title) from Kevin Long.

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