Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's Get Wasted With Vodka Tampons

Last night, the local news reported on the latest teen rage, vodka-soaked tampons. As I rolled my eyes and cringed at what a lame ratings grab the story was, now it seems to be all over the news. Again. There is something seriously so lame about a meme that keeps resurrecting. And it is also really lame that certain concert events (including the Identity Festival last year) won't even allow you, as a woman, to take tampons into the concert unless they're in a factory sealed box, because everyone needs 18 tampons for a one day festival and you might try to pre-soak to save $9 for a drink.

I really didn't even want to post this but it seemed better than commenting on Facebook and then having to read every subsequent idiotic response for the rest of the day. So now I'm part of the problem, I guess.

Can we just think rationally here? A tampon soaks liquid (its fundamental job) and then expands. Just try to imagine the dynamic of shoving a soaking wet expanded tampon into an orifice and well, just seriously. `Can we please stop being so ridiculous?


Gawker Coverage on Teen Crazes

Here's a lady who wanted to test the stories to see if it was even possible. (note the date: Nov 21, 2011)

Snopes: Claim: People soak tampons in Vodka to get drunk: FALSE.

Can this story just die? Again?

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