Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jeff's Weekly Pick: The Duke Spirit at The Casbah Friday June 1, 2012

The London based five piece band The Duke Spirit will be bringing their brash form of indie rock to The Casbah this Friday. This group has what one might call a “blues-collar” approach to music, touring as both openers and in support of bands they model themselves after, such as Jan’s Addiction, Queens of The Stone Age, etc. Formed in 2003, The Duke Spirit have released three full length albums, their latest titled Bruiser in 2011. Blond singer Liela Moss fronts the band and is definitely the center of attention both live and on record. Her vocal delivery is strong yet varied enough to keep things interesting. A great introduction to the band can be found in their sophomore release Neptune in 2008. This is hard hitting rock which must be fully appreciated in a live setting. San Diego gets its chance this Friday at the intimate Middletown venue. Surely this will be a great way to start the weekend with a frenetic high energy show.

Hacienda sets the stage.

Watch a video of Don’t Wait below.

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