Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Local Bands Collaborate for Rady Children's Hospital Benefit Shirts

If you saw Matt from Transfer’s post last month, you know what Sound Off Apparel is. If not, we’ll fill you in. Myself and Mark Maigaard (of Louis XIV) started the project in July, in an effort to do something that we loved with music and that had a positive impact on our community. The outcome of that wish was Sound Off Apparel, a company that partners with bands to design limited edition shirts sold for one month that donates a portion of proceeds to a charity of the band’s choice.

Last month we partnered up with one of our favorite bands, Transfer, and we’re happy to say that we raised over $1,200 for a domestic violence and sexual abuse prevention program that the guys chose. Not bad for our first month!

This month our Sound Off shirts are benefiting a charity that we think resonates with a lot of people, Rady Children’s Hospital. As a part of this project we toured the hospital and were blown away by the work that they do and how much every aspect of the hospital is designed to cater to children and make their experiences at the hospital easier.

We’re excited to help make a difference for the hospital and this month we actually brought on three bands that are just as invested in the cause: Low Volts, Blackout Party, and Flaggs. Tim Lowman of Low Volts and Blackout Party created the design while a few members from each band modeled the shirts for photos. Check out the photos below and our website where you can grab one of these shirts for yourself. We've extended this month’s sale until the 14th when we launch our next collection with The Silent Comedy there’s still time left!

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