Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meet Intercom.FM - The Next Big Way To Engage Your Fans

You all know that I am always trying to help people promote their band, art, or brand. I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon quite early, have been on Facebook long enough to hate it more than you do, and this blog is evidence that when I find something I like, I kinda stick to it and ride it out. So my friends have created this cool app for iPhones, so I'll share with you, bands and artists, why you should use audio to introduce your music

Intercom.FM is a great way share your music using your personality. You can download it HERE (currently for iPhones/iPads only). You may have noticed Tim Pyles using this format- which pushes out to Twitter and Facebook- to read my show listings a while back.

We all know there are a lot of tools and websites to get your name out there, but this seems like a great way to connect and show your personality and bring fans along with what you are doing on the road, in the studio or whatever you’re working on, with short clips of actual audio.

Here are some of the features I liked:
• It’s got a real cool way to upload an mp3 from Dropbox into the app
• You can MIX your sounds with a personal audio message right from the in app Mix board.
• Your fans can interact with you and with your music
• You and your fans can post to Twitter or Facebook

In the next week I’m going to grab some cool band clips from the app to show you some examples. Let me hear what you mix using and I’ll feature it here.

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