Sunday, October 27, 2013

Casbah Presents: BOY and Jeremy Messersmith at UCSD's Porters Pub tonight!

San Diegans are in for a treat tonight with the buoyant melodies of BOY and the graveyard ballads of Jeremy Messersmith.  BOY, a female pop duo who hail from Switzerland and Germany, has been building a potent American fan-base as their delightful debut album "Mutual Friends" finally was released stateside.  Infectious hooks are bountiful in such songs like "This is the Beginning" and their hit "Little Numbers".  I sadly missed their first show in San Diego at the Loft, but that is a mistake I won't be making twice.  Jeremy Messersmith is an artist that has come to San Diego many times over the years, mostly playing at Lestats.  In fact, I first became acquainted with this website's founder, Rosemary, at his show.  Messersmith's music, despite containing graveyard imagery deeply informed by death, is never staid or boring.  His stage presence is warm and songs move between soulful acoustic guitar like "A Girl, a Boy, A Graveyard" and raucous chamber pop in his new single "Tourniquet".  If you're interested in seeing two groups come and confidently blow a crowd away, don't miss tonights show.  Tickets are on sale here for $15 and doors are at 8p.  Check out BOY's "Little Numbers" and Jeremy Messersmith's "Tatooine" below.

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