Thursday, November 19, 2015

National Geographic Traveler Names San Diego/Tijuana in Top 20 "Go Now" Top Trips of 2016

It's November 19, just a week shy of Thanksgiving, and it is 78 degrees outside in Normal Heights. No doubt San Diego is an amazing place to live. It recently occurred to me that November 5 marked 9 years of San Diego: Dialed In, and my output has certainly changed and morphed over time (though not my ability to craft run-on sentences). Despite our worthless mayor and our city's financial future being threatened by this thrust to make the Spanos family and the NFL rich off of our city that is literally falling apart and currently declared a state of emergency, I still love this beautiful city and the life this little blogging pursuit has afforded me (including a new job I'm super excited to share in the coming months). So I haven't done a local news roundup in ages, but my buddy Derrick Chinn of Turista Libre posted this link on Facebook and it seemed worthy of reposting while I have some screen time. In a shocking twist, this article, about the San Diego & Tijuana Region as a travel destination, didn't even mention craft beer. What it did mention was our coastline, Quatro Milpas, our culinary scene, The Lafayette hotel, the zoo, and of course, Turista Libre.


Baja Artesenal Craft Beer Bar in Tijuana, 1/1/2015

View of Revolucion from patio at Hotel Ceasar, 1.1.2015

Patio of Mamut Brewery in Tijuana 1.1.2015

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