Monday, November 30, 2015

New Video: MC Flow- "Pot In The Latkes"

I'm not sure if you were listening to the Local 94/9 last night, but it was quite a party to celebrate the one year anniversary of TJ as the host. There was amazing food from Big Front Door (with Pork Loin and Smoked Salmon that must have crack in it because I couldn't stop shoveling it into my mouf), lots of friends in the room, and I even got to pick three songs to close out the show. I knew that MC Flow was dropping a new song today and reached out in an attempt to make it one of my picks last night, but she was in NY and didn't get my message until a few hours later, so I just decided to wait until it released today, and the song is so good, it warrants its own post.

So here you go, a little holiday message from your old friend, MC Flow.

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