Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Photos: The Head & The Heart and Dreamers @ Soma, 4.9.17

There's no question that I love The Head and the Heart. I've lost track of how many times I've seen the band between their very first Casbah show, House of Blues, The Observatory OC, Coachella and others, but I was especially excited when they were booked in San Diego because I knew I'd be able to take Nova and Darren along for her first backstage experience at Soma. She had a soccer game that evening, we grabbed dinner, then went to Soma with enough time for a quick drink at Modern Times, then walked to the show.

I had a photo pass, which isn't super fun at Soma because there's no easy access to the pit, but once you're in, the lighting, the energy of both the band and the diehard fans along the rail make for an exciting show. It was also great catching Dreamers again and I'll probably get fired for implying they're coming back to town, but all I can say is stay tuned.

I was fully feeling both bands and just a quick funny story, after Dreamers, Nova said she needed to use the bathroom. We walked through the lobby and the line was crazy long, so we asked to use the backstage bathroom which is upstairs. Turns out we were waiting for the lead vocalist who diligently brushes his teeth while humming his songs before a set (we know this because he opened the door and did that talking with the toothbrush in his mouth thing to us), then let the other guitarist ahead of us, and Nova got to hear what vocal exercises sound like. They were super cute to her or I wouldn't mention it otherwise, and eventually we went back to our places on the side of the stage until I left to shoot. It was past Nova's usual bedtime as TH&TH came onstage, so eventually they left early. Later, I was able to find my friend Regina and bring her and her friend backstage which was awesome because she does so much for me at the Observatory even though I'm no longer employed there. Anyway, it was an amazing night and was made all the more special when we were able to hear their Coachella set on SiriusXM and think we'd only just seen them a week prior. I cannot wait for them to come back.

More pictures of The Head and the Heart and Dreamers are after the jump.

The Head and the Heart


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