Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Photos: Little Dragon @ Observatory North Park, 4.16.17

I love Darren. He is the best partner in life I could ask for. For that reason, when I hear one of his all time favorite bands, Little Dragon, is playing the Observatory during Localchella, I don't even think about not going, even if there are other shows the same night, even if it means I have to hunch over my laptop all weekend to make up for the work I usually save until Sunday. It was a really fun show to shoot, mostly because Yukimi is super expressive on stage, with tulle and metallic materials draped over her body, dramatic lighting, and lots of little tambourines, cowbells, and other percussion to bang on around the stage. Unfortunately it also made me realize how terribly dirty the inside of my camera is, so I'm not looking forward to the expense or the wait it will take to clean, but I'll make it happen soon enough. It was a fun night, it was a great show to be able to take Nova to, and we've found a new favorite spot at the Observatory since I'm no longer privy to the balcony. More pictures after the jump.

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