Wednesday, October 20, 2021

CoViD-19: FDA Approves More Boosters, Mix & Match, Still Needs CDC Approval | Importance Of Vaccinating Adolescents | GOP Doesn't Want You To Vote | County Urges Flu Shots | Newsom EO Addresses Supply-Chain Issues |

Kamaria, fresh off a feeding, with a milk moustache. She will be 2 months old on Friday. (Taken 10.20.21)

In my post on Friday, I complained about the CDC's reporting. I said, "In fact, the CDC kinda blows, I don't understand how the County's vaccination numbers differ so drastically from the CDC. It doesn't make sense." Well, thanks to Voice of San Diego, I got my answer. Kinda. But at least someone is asking the questions. Despite doing this website for 15 years, I don't actually have a government recognized press credential so I don't get the access a reporter gets to ask questions like that, so I'm glad they did. 

As I mentioned here yesterday, and all over socials, too, Darren and I got our Pfizer boosters yesterday. I definitely believe that the rest of the world desperately deserve vaccines, and I think wealthy countries need to stop just sending money, but armies of vaccinators to get the job done, and I think more factories should be built to increase supply, and I think the pharmaceutical companies have a moral and ethical responsibility to share vaccines with the world. All that being said, I have no control over any of that, so if a booster is available to me, I'm going to take it and don't need to justify that nor feel guilty for it. Mostly I was worried about side effects, but besides the sore arm, I've been fine all day. 

And because we were fine, we were up early and decided on a day trip to San Diego Zoo Safari Park after I did the bulk of my work this morning. (I still owe a couple marketing plans, but that's what Thursday is for.) The weather was perfect and hours are back until 6pm for whatever reason, so I got a ton of rhino time, first with Casey and Alice, and then with Kianga and Kamaria, and also some sweet elephant time with Zuli and Mkhaya. I will say we took the tram, which are less frequent as they wait for them to be full. I probably won't do that again for awhile. It's just way too cringey to have unmasked snot-nosed kids open-mouth coughing and sneezing right over your shoulder with parents who don't make them sit down or cover their faces. I understand we're outside, but we're still inches apart for 30 minutes and it's so gross. 

Lots of news links today. 

Stay safe out there.  

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