Tuesday, October 26, 2021

CoViD-19: FDA Panel OKs Pfizer For Kids | Boosters Available for San Diegans | El Super Rips Off Employees | CBP Agents Act With impunity | DOJ Busts Global Drug Trafficking Operation |

(Taken 10.4.21)

I didn't have a very good day. I stayed up late Monday finishing the third season of "You" and then the kittens were going crazy from like 4 in the morning so I couldn't sleep. Work has been a little stressful because I was having problems with my social apps and agents are back to being pre-pandemic demanding. I'm pms-ing and TV is just a barrage of bad news all the time- the Facebook Papers, the Insurrection investigation, obstructionists in Congress, and we're likely to hit 50 MILLION cases of COVID-19 by Halloween.  Today I was asked about my dad and just talking about it makes me sad, especially after a friend's dad just died yesterday. After getting through most of my work, however, I did finally get a nap and am feeling much better now. And then I saw this article:  

Stress from the pandemic has made even basic decision-making difficult, poll finds.  Daily tasks such as choosing what to wear are a struggle, particularly for younger adults, parents, Black people and Hispanic people, the American Psychological Association found.

Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Things that should be no-brainers...taking my laptops in before they became unusable, getting a new phone, ordering stuff online, transitioning to the new newsletter platform for work...get stalled and procrastinated and then they become an emergency when they're ignored. I think it's why the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park have been my safe-havens for the past year and a half. They're consistent, it's good exercise and I'm not staring at a screen, the crowd can vary but generally you can get off to your own low-traffic areas, and the animals all have an enviable routine. Some are even happy to see you.  

I guess I'll do listings tonight, but I'm doing so slightly begrudgingly. I'll try to have a better Wednesday.   

Stay safe out there. 

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