Monday, October 11, 2021

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Ficus and Kiwi (RIP). (Taken 9.2.2017)

I still have two inboxes of email to read through but I don't think there's any news that won't be talked about tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. Since I wrote about Kiwi last night, I will mostly spare you, but tonight we took her to B- Street Veterinary Hospital in Golden Hill and had to say goodbye. Euthanizing a pet is excruciating emotionally, but it's also a huge financial decision. You can take your pet to the Humane Society and surrender them for $50, but you can't be present in the end. The other end of the spectrum is in-home euthanizing, which starts around $300 plus add-ons for travel and after care. I called one lady who spoke in a baby voice and charged $375 and I was like, no way is this woman coming to my house. Others could be as much as $500 and push cremation and mementos and how about I'll honor my dying pet by using that money to take good care of the animals we still have? As a non-religious person, there is also all this loaded language of grace and heaven and God's creatures and it is really too much for an atheist to handle. On a whim, I remembered that some friends have recommended B-Street in the past and I called ahead and they were super kind and understanding and were able to let us come in and hold Kiwi as she passed on and $140 seemed like a reasonable middle ground. Kiwi will be part of a group cremation and her ashes will be released in the sea off Point Loma.

It was time, maybe a little too long past due, and I'm sad but also feeling very relieved and that we did the right thing for her in the end. 

I didn't really talk about the weekend, but it was nice. On Saturday we went to the San Diego Zoo in an attempt to catch a little of the mariachi but we missed them. It was super crowded and not really my jam, so we did a quick walkthrough and then met my family for dinner at Fillippi's in Imperial Beach. Their patio is nothing spectacular but we had it to ourselves. I hadn't eaten at the chain in years and forgot that it is pretty good Italian comfort food. I also appreciated the family accommodating my wishes to be outside because I'm sure they would've rather been warm indoors. We hung out at my parents' house pretty late that night. Come Sunday, my cousin and uncle both left and we did the Zoo again, this time planning our time better so we could watch one set of the mariachi trio. I'm telling you, it is worth it to hear that girl sing La Llorona. You will be crying. 

After Nova was asleep and Darren was in the studio playing guitar, I watched The Starling on Netflix. I don't know why watching sad movies is a thing I do when I'm already sad, but it was really good and sad and cathartic. And then today rolled around and I'm glad it was a holiday because things seemed not-so-crazy and Kiwi spent most of the day outside in the grass warming her bones with sunshine and when we finally brought her upstairs, I knew that we couldn't wait another day if we didn't have to. Of all my pets I've had in my life, Kiwi was the most chill, not shy but never drawing attention to herself, letting the other animals be high maintenance and she was always just cool as a cucumber. 22 years is a really long life for a cat and I'm grateful to have had the time with her. Goodnight, sweet girl. 

Stay safe out there.  


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