Wednesday, October 27, 2021

CoViD-19: Merck Will License COVID Pill | SD Case Rate Drops to 7.5 Vaxxed, 23.1 Unvaxxed | Mayorkas Expands "Protected Areas" Restricting ICE & CBP Action | US Issues 1st Gender X Passport |


A Pic of Magnolia (l) and Jacaranda (r) for Black Cat Day (Taken 10.22.21)

I'm happy to say today was a much better day than yesterday. I got sleep. I got work done early. I forced myself out of the house which turned out to be a couple nice hours at the San Diego Zoo with Darren. And now I'm babysitting for a friend while she's at the Lord Huron show. She's got Apple TV so I'm bingeing as much Ted Lasso as I can before they get home. 

Today was an interesting newsy day. The US is in a weird squabble with Turkey because they maybe bought some fighter jets from the US and then the US said they couldn't have them but haven't given back the money because the Turkish president is kind of a psycho or something? Maybe I'm misunderstanding. What was more important was that Secretary Mayorkas issued a widesweeping modification to "protected areas" where ICE and CBP can do enforcement, meaning they have to justify if they're going to traumatize a bunch of kids or people in a school or church or a shelter or a medical facility. On top of that, the State Dept issued their first Gender X marker on a US passport. I know that with our stupid fucking Senators and Congresspeople and Supreme Court reversing or blocking every progressive step we've made for human rights it can all feel worthless, but this is why the parties are not the same. This is why we fight so hard, even for moderates, to get the crazy nutjobs out. And they'll be out. Voted out, retired out, or surely some of those fucks will die off and maybe, just maybe, the world can be made better for our kids and our kids' kids instead of blowing it all to shit. Then again, today a 9 year old told me that he doesn't want a vaccine because "there's not enough research". Don't worry, I read him his research, told him that he had to get 10 vaccines just to go to kindergarten, and that schools are currently the biggest source of community outbreaks. Neener. Fucking. Neener.

Stay safe out there.

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