Friday, October 29, 2021

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National Cat Day: Strawberry Feeling Super Chill (Taken 10.22.21)

I know. Look at that chunka munka. This is Strawberry, Strawbs, Tikka, Monster, Mean Girl. What happened was that we adopted her a few years back and she was mean and scared and kinda vicious. Understandable after her both her original families kicked her out in her first nine months of life. But then she got in our household and Kiwi was getting old so whenever she'd appear, we would feed her, but then Tikka (which I've learned translates to "Chunk") would always help out with leftovers, and well, now she's a giant cat and we have her on a stricter diet, but kitty weightloss isn't quite so easy. But it's okay. We love her and I'm not trying to shame her on National Cat Day. 

It's been super busy at work but I still finally made it outta the house so Darren and I could do a couple of the last hours of HalGLOWeen at San Diego Zoo, but looks like I have homework this weekend even though our weekend shows are already sold out. Darren will be working both nights so I might make an appearance but that's not a promise. I'm also hoping to get some time at Safari Park on Sunday. I guess we''ll see how the weekend goes. 

Numbers are going up ever so slightly, but this is how it started last year, with Labor Day rolling into Halloween into Thanksgiving then Christmas and New Years, so even if you're vaccinated and boosted, you need to step up your non-pharmaceutical mitigations like increasing indoor ventilation and mask wearing. 

Stay safe out there.  

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