Sunday, October 31, 2021

CoViD-19: WaPo Attempts To Predict Virus Wind Down | Jen Psaki Tests Positive For COVID-19 | US-EU Steel Deal Saves Bourbon |


Horrifying Remnants Of A Pumpkin Left As A Birdfeeder (Taken 10.17.21)

I don't really do Halloween, but then I saw this Twitter thread of pets in costumes with arms and I couldn't get enough, so maybe I'm not as Scroogy as I let on. Plus I was in a good mood this weekend...I guess taking Saturday off from news and YouTube did, in fact, improve my psyche. Plus I got new pajamas that just look like casual pants so I don't feel quite so guilty wearing them around the house all day. 

Today Darren and I went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park while Nova was with my sister trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving. I didn't get any big moments with the rhinos-- they were down in a lower valley only viewable by the tram -- but I got some cute elephant time including a moment when the entire herd gathered on the upper level and stampeded down to the lower level. I'd like to think they were running toward me, but more likely their dinner was put out for them to discover. 

There was some big news coming out of the G20. The steel and aluminum tariffs being dropped on EU produced imports, for example, is a big deal, and in return, the European Commission agreed to drop a planned 50% tariff on US spirits, including bourbon, which would've been a very, very big deal. Jen Psaki also put out a media release that she's tested positive for COVID-19, which is super unfortunate, though she's fully vaxxed and has mild symptoms. But since media was already writing click-bait headlines about the study from last week, this is a long but worthy twitter thread (again) about breakthrough infection, vaccination, viral load, viral clearance, and everything else the headlines are mostly leaving out. 

I think it's gonna be a busy week so I'm gonna enjoy the rest of my Sunday in peace. 

Stay safe out there. 

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