Wednesday, October 06, 2021

CoViD-19: SD Panel Addresses Misinformation | LA Requires Vaccines For Indoor Biz | Supply Chain Solution: Stop Buying Stupid Crap | Otis 480 Claims 4th Fat Bear Week Title | Court Blocks Texas Abortion Law |

Not-So-Fat Grizzly at San Diego Zoo (Taken 10.4.21)

I'll start with condolences to the family who lost a loved one at the VA hospital which allowed my dad, at 1am in the morning, to finally transfer to a bed at the VA hospital. He's in good spirits, my mom and uncle were able to spend time with him and it sounds like I may be able to visit, too. 

I had an all day pajama jammy jam since I was up all night working. The cool fall air is a nice change in San Diego compared to our non-stop air conditioning days of summer. There was a lot of news today: a judge issued an injunction on the Texas abortion law, the investigation into the oil spill continues, and LA is putting into place vaccine requirements. Of course the news will focus on the "confusion" but I would hope that people understand that a COUNTY can put restrictions, and a CITY within that county can put even stricter restrictions. LA county is requiring proof of vaccine or a negative test for bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, sporting events and the like while the CITY of LA is also extending that to gyms, salons, City facilities and the like, though the operative word here is "eligible", so kids would be exempt for now. I'd love to see that here but we're at almost 90% of partially vaccinated and 79.4% of 12+ fully vaccinated, so I don't think the County will move forward with anything like that. 

Over the course of the past few days and weeks, eyes have been on supply chain issues. This was a great explainer from back in June. And since I've snarkily said over and over that Christmas is Canceled, I thought I would --with a strong dose of privilege, I'm well aware--state the obvious: stop buying stupid crap. There are things we need, sure, and we all buy dumb stuff, but maybe join your local Buy Nothing group, shop local, or only purchase items that are on-hand and in-stock if you absolutely need them, like if your fridge breaks. We all laugh at Black Friday footage of people fighting over cheap TVs and bargain electronics, but seeing people whining on the news that Halloween decorations or Christmas ornaments may not be here in time is nauseating. We can adapt. Cut out some snowflakes like you did in kindergarten, ffs. And while we're complaining about rising prices...we can't demand an end to offshore drilling and also demand lower gas prices. We all need a little flexibility and maybe I'm just watching too much news so I'm gonna step down off my soapbox and call it a night. It's hard to say how deep the fires affected us, but maybe psych yourself up for the possibility that your Christmas tree may cost double or plan on forgoing it altogether.

Stay safe out there. 

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