Friday, October 01, 2021

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Bystrak Family (9.7.21)

Today was a very hard, no good day. 

I intended to go to bed at a reasonable hour on Thursday night but by the time I went to bed I could no longer sleep and minutes turned to hours and by 7am I was getting calls and texts from my cousin Connie about my dad. I just had that feeling.

Early in the morning, mom was summoned to the hospital so that she and my dad could meet with doctors and witnesses about "options". My dad is technically no longer receiving medical care and is just receiving comfort care, as doctors have concluded that nothing they can do for him can help him because heart meds will send him into kidney failure and dialysis will be too strenuous on his heart. He's technically declared a hospice patient now, though because of bed shortages (fuck you, unvaccinated fucks) and stretched resources, he may just stay put for the time being while they try to move him to a VA facility. But this is actually all new information, as far as we were told this morning, we had hours not days, and my dad called each of us kids to tell us how much he loves us and how proud he is of us and to take care of my mom and that when the time comes, their wills are solid and locked in stone, which he has to say because it was such a drama point and lengthy litigation for my mom's siblings when it came to my grandpa's will and wishes. 

I don't know that I've ever had a harder conversation in my life. 

But he's still here and alive and barely-breathing and was able to watch Judge Judy in his hospital room with my mom as they talked and reminisced and shared the day together...if you recall, Kaiser allows one visitor in the case of hospice care.

So here we are, Friday night. My sister is back from a trip to Zion. My cousin will be here from LA on Saturday. My uncle, who is in no shape to do so, is driving here from Indiana and should be here by Sunday. My brother is in New Mexico, I don't know if he'll be allowed the leave from the Navy to come. But it's gonna be some very hard hours and days ahead for my family. 

I still did a full post today because there is something hypnotic about just sorting through data and email and articles that have nothing to do with what is happening in my direct orbit, so you may hear from me again this weekend, or maybe not. Numbers don't really update reliably, but I do know that 700,000 US deaths by COVID is a gross misrepresentation and undercount if you count all of the people who couldn't get care for non-COVID illness, treatments, prevention, and general life-saving care. 

Stay safe out there.    

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