Thursday, September 30, 2021

CoViD-19: Vaccination Mandates Work; Media Still Both-Sidesing For The Resistant | Judge Shuts Down Mask Lawsuit (For Now) | Newsom Signs Policing Reform Legislation |

It's Fat Bear Week Grizzly at San Diego Zoo (Taken 9.30.21)

I'm so tired today. I went to the San Diego Zoo for a couple hours, feeling like walking around might give me a burst of energy, but in reality, it did no such thing. As expected, the news was exhausting, watching these bonehead senators trying to defend their positions or lack thereof. There was good news, however, when a judge refused to issue a pause on the state mask mandates in schools. The moron mouth-breathers took it as a win that the judge didn't grant the State's request to move the hearing until the spring, but it at least remains in effect through the next hearing on November 8. The media just can't stop both-sidesing these issues... a simple search will find dozens of cases against masks and vaccines and nurses, cops, and military personnel -- all in jobs that are supposed to protect the public -- refusing to get vaccinated, and dozens of news channels giving these people extensive coverage in their newscasts. But likewise, another simple search will show that masks are working, vaccines are working, and vaccine mandates are working. And considering the Venn diagram overlap of anti-vaxxers and psychotic supporters of the last guy, maybe this was all we really needed to clean out our military and law enforcement agencies of this trash anyway. And NICU nurses refusing to get vaccinated is, frankly, disgusting.

I have some work to do tonight and am going to try to actually sleep, so I'm gonna step off the soapbox for now. 

Stay safe out there. 

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