Tuesday, September 07, 2021

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Strawberry, Strawbs, Tikka, Chunk, Monster, Meows (Taken 8.19.20)

I am a chronic procrastinator. This isn't a good thing, ever. When my computer problems happen or my phone stops functioning I wonder if I just wait it out long enough if maybe the problem will just fix itself. It never does. If the bathroom needs to be cleaned I wonder, "who's gonna clean that?" and then have to acknowledge I'm an adult and oh, yeah, those are my shared responsibilities. 

For the past several years, Davy has been my awesome computer tech guy but he's got a life and other better things to do so sometimes he can't get right to it. But Darren's laptop is non-functional now, too. So now we're in a pinch where I'm using my very old, very slow Dell, which won't keep a charge, Nova's Chromebook will only get me so far. Ideally Darren's going to buy a new laptop by the end of the day but I had to suck it up and call around to repair guys. The first place basically quoted me about $400 per laptop with parts and diagnostics and likely take a week for parts and labor. Then I jumped on NextDoor, found a different guy who does a free diagnostic, told me he can look at it today, and as we dropped it off he could already tell it was my charging port Hopefully the part is easily acquired and I can have my laptop back tomorrow. Fingers crossed. 

I also finally had to do something about my phone so I spent part of the afternoon waiting for a dude to bring it by and set it up. What was supposed to be a $25 deductible ended up being $200, so that sucks, but I'm getting an upgrade on the phone and the last time Asurion came out, the guy took care of everything on the phone. Sorry, Nova, you're gonna have to wait on a new phone for a while longer. 

The expenses just all kinda come at once. I can't even fathom how some families survived home schooling with no computer or one family computer or limited wi-fi or having to borrow devices from their schools. And also having just driven through Mission Valley at noon on a Tuesday, I can't believe everyone is acting as if life is just back to normal again. It really is mind-boggling to me. At this rate, I'm pretty sure we can once again project that Christmas is canceled. Buy your consumer goods while you can. 

I don't know what my laptop sitch will be or whether or not I'll get to do listings this week. In a perfect world, I would've gotten my laptop back by 5 and carried on with life as usual. But alas, this dinosaur Dell may not be able to do the job. We'll see. Don't hold your breath for listings. 

Off to celebrate my dad's 73rd birthday. After this summer's scare, we're all so glad he is still with us. 

Stay safe out there.  

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