Monday, September 20, 2021

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Moon Rising From Downtown (Samsung S9 Taken 9.20.21)

I sometimes start posts and never finish them. I have a drafts folder that I've tried to clean but sometimes I hold on to old things. Like this one time, I was ranting about "before times" stuff that I was hoping would never come back. It was an attempt to look on the bright side of the pandemic and isolation and the big shutdowns. But I never posted it because I thought it was too mean. It had to do with how I didn't miss hearing from acquaintances about their bullshit MLM "businesses" whether it be oils or keto powders or face creams or life coaching or whatever, and then last night I binged LuLaRich on Amazon Prime and I realized it wasn't mean at all...maybe I was just looking out for them. Seriously, staaaahhhhppp with this MLM nonsense. You aren't hashtag blessed, you're not a mom boss, and if you're actually making money, it's at the expense of poor and desperate people below you and you might be an awful person. Anyway, watch the limited series. 

Maybe I just binge garbage TV to avoid the dreadful news of the day. Those images of the Border Patrol agents wielding around their horse reins is horrifying. I know the other side loves to have a field day with immigration and the "border crises," but this is a decades long problem and each administration just punts to the next, particularly as long as the obstructionist Senate represents the racist minority of this country. And of course more people are going to try to come to the United States if they believe that the president is more compassionate and not a fucking psychopath. Nobody wants to really deal with the hard issues and the particular centrist democrats in the Senate can't even stand up to be democrats and nothing gets done. Get the fuck on board already. Meanwhile, this isn't going to be the only "crisis" this administration is challenged with, because they're actually trying to deal with shit as it arises, in plain view, where we're all open to judge and criticize from the comfort of our homes as our faucets deliver us (mostly) clean water, the power switches turn on (mostly) reliable light, the air conditioner keeps us reliably cool, and we have a roof over our heads. We don't know desperation and the destabilization around the world, particularly from countries run by nationalist dictators coupled with climate crises and the ongoing pandemic and things are looking pretty bleak. Still I trust there are good people out there trying to keep it all from falling completely apart instead of being the deliberate destroyers as was the last administration. I need a drink.   

Stay safe out there.     

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