Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Familia (Taken 9.21.21)

Monday was my mom's birthday but because of all the kids' overscheduled lives, we didn't celebrate until today. It was fun to be with family and now we've still got my birthday and Nadia's to come. Hers is the most anticipated, however, because she'll be able to be vaccinated, the last one of the family, until we all eventually get boosters, too. And yes, we're all maskless because my sister's family were all tested 3 times last week, the rest of us aren't really out in the world much, and there were fans and air purifiers running. It's risk assessment, i guess, and everyone has to choose for themselves, but you still won't find us in a restaurant anytime soon. 

That is all to say that family time is why this post is so extremely late today. I don't go to bed until every email in my inboxes is read so I know what to expect for the rest of the week. I have to say, if you're a musician and you want to be taken seriously by anyone ever at any venue, your triple exclamation points and your ASAPs and your demands on marketing can take a hike. Venues, especially small ones, don't have a team, they usually have one or two people dodging bullets and putting out fires and juggling plates and whatever other metaphor you want. We, for example, currently have about 150 upcoming events and numerous shows to be booked. That your show isn't selling is more your problem than mine, especially if you're a local artist that isn't doing any of the legwork on your own end. So yeah. That's where I am today. There. I said what I said. 

As for news- the UN General Assembly drama with France is like watching a Real Housewives episode, the Gabby Petito case is hard to look away from, and Joe Manchin is a piece of shit owned by fossil fuels lobbyists. He should be stripped of his chairman position on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and his conflicts of interest should be top news every day until he gets on the right side of history. Wednesday is the big gata dump day so I'll try to update sooner and get listings out there, too. 

Stay safe out there.     

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