Saturday, September 11, 2021

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Magnolia, Jacaranda, and Ficus (Taken 9.11.21)

Everyone remembers what they were doing when they heard about the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2021. My story is super embarrassing because it happened to be my boyfriend-at-that-time's birthday, so the night before we had consumed many, many cocktails, and I got a call from my coworker telling me not to go in to work because "something (was) going on at the World Trade Center", and I thought she meant the San Diego one because that was just a couple blocks from our office and was kinda like, "sweet, I can sleep in!" But then like everyone, I turned on the television and everything changed. I had just been to NYC the summer before. My high school prom date worked at the World Trade Center and I spent that week in touch with his mom, who let me know he had just left his job a couple months before. My asshole ex, of course, felt like 9/11 happened to him and him alone and that relationship dissolved soon thereafter, but the whole world changed, our way of life changed, and in retrospect we can all see how calamitous that Supreme Court decision was in Bush v Gore. I mean, there is really no way to wrap our heads around how profoundly different the world would or could be today. We learned then just how much voting matters and, sometimes it seems, not much else. 

Today was another low-key day around here, mostly just trying to keep the house cool and do as little as possible. Once the sun set, it was monumentally more comfortable. We ran to Best Buy to check out laptops for Darren and were shocked at how busy the store was at 8pm on a Saturday. After, we ran back home to grab FIcus and ended up going for a dark walk at the San Diego River Garden, and then kinda taking a meandering drive home just to enjoy the a/c a little bit longer. Now it's another rager Saturday night as I watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on the couch, Darren is downstairs playing guitar, and the kid is crashed out. 

I wanna say we were super tempted to go to Sylvan Esso tonight at Soma, but I have to say, and I understand this is anecdotal and doesn't represent any data, but I now know at least four people who have had breakthrough cases of COVID-19 after full vaccination. One ended up in the hospital and the other three weren't just sniffles as has been suggested and all of them have said they have never been so sick in all of their lives. While it may be the unvaccinated driving this pandemic, they all live among us. So I know many people are back to living life, but I'm just not there yet. One of them got sick from an OUTDOOR concert, so yeah, it's possible anywhere lots of people congregate. I ain't havin' it. 

Stay safe out there. Laugh your butt off at this Amber Ruffin clip where she lauds Jen Psaki. 

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